Water is, in fact, the MOST grown-up drink:

Home appliances can bring great joy:

You can NEVER, under ANY circumstances, send a man two questions in one text:

Our parents' "white picket fence" dream has changed ever so slightly:

Knowledge of Smashmouth lyrics determines a lot:

Oatmeal raisin cookies don't totally suck:

Hangovers have seriously leveled up:

Tupperware = maturity:

Losing touch with randos from high school is kind of a rush:

Lower back pain kinda comes with the territory:

Meeting potential love interests is a lot harder when you're not in drama club:

And having a crush on someone can no longer be used against you:

Spontaneity looks a little different than she used to:

Contrary to belief, getting a letter in the mail tends not to be "a special handwritten gift":

It's perfectly normal to constantly have this thought:

And lastly, just this whole trampoline analogy:

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